Beachbody On Demand: Club



That’s right, as part of your Premium (paid) Team Beachbody Club membership, you’ll automatically have unlimited streaming access to hundreds of workouts from Beachbody’s collection of world-class fitness programs.

This is well over $1,000 USD in value that has been added to the Team Beachbody Club membership. What’s more, the price will stay the same at launch—$38.87 USD for 90 days.

Beachbody On Demand will house a catalog of complete Beachbody workout programs. Here are the programs that will be available starting in March:

  • P90X® & P90X Deluxe
  • P90X2® & P90X2 Deluxe
  • P90X3® & P90X3 Deluxe
  • P90X ONE on ONE® Volume 1
  • 10 Minute Trainer®
  • TurboFire®
  • Brazil Butt Lift® & Brazil Butt Lift Deluxe
  • ChaLEAN Extreme®
  • Hip Hop Abs®


When you log in to as a paid member of the Team Beachbody Club, you simply select the ‘Beachbody On Demand’ tab from the home page, then choose any fitness program in the Member Library, and press play!

  • Convenience: Enjoy 24/7 streaming access from your laptop, tablet, or mobile device. No DVDs required. All you need is an Internet connection.
  • Variety: Try different programs that are all proven to deliver incredible results. You can also try out different trainers, workout lengths, or fitness levels before committing to a program.
  • Simplicity: All the program guides, workout calendars and nutrition plans will be online—all in one place.

No more excuses. Now you will be able to work out anywhere there’s an Internet connection: at home, the gym, outdoors—even while you’re traveling.



Later in March, we will be adding another big perk to Beachbody On Demand. As a Premium (paid) Team Beachbody Club member, if you purchase select DVD programs that are not in the Member Library, you’ll be able to exclusively stream those programs as well. Just look for “Purchased Programs” in Beachbody On Demand.

The first set of programs that will be available for streaming later in March as part of the Purchased Program section are FOCUS T25®, 21 Day Fix® and 21 Day Fix EXTREME®. Over time, we will slowly broaden the library of available Purchased Programs to be streamed.


Another huge benefit of becoming a Premium Team Beachbody Club member? Exclusive access to try workouts from many of our newest programs along with some other noteworthy programs. Just look for “New and Noteworthy” in Beachbody On Demand.

This section will allow you to preview select single workouts of some of Beachbody’s newest and best-selling programs. In other words, now for the first time, you will be able to get a sneak preview of the program and try before you buy.

Here are the programs you will have exclusive access to starting in March 2015:

  • 21 Day Fix – Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 21 Day Fix EXTREME – PiYo Fix Extreme
  • PiYo® – Sweat
  • FOCUS T25 – Alpha Cardio
  • INSANITY MAX:30 – Sweat Intervals
  • P90® – Sculpt A
  • Body Beast® – Build: Chest/Tris
General Questions  
  1. Will the price of the Club membership increase?
    • The price is not increasing in Spring 2015, but may increase in the future.
  2. If a program is in the digital library, must the DVD also be purchased?
    • No. Programs inside the digital library come with paid membership.
  3. Will I need to buy the fitness program to stream?
    • No. Programs inside the digital library come with paid membership.
  4. Will streaming workouts be available on too?
    • No. They are exclusive to TeamBeachbody Club members.
  5. Will Club members be able to stream workouts internationally?
    • Yes. You can stream abroad with a valid internet connection.
  6. Will free members have access to stream workouts?
    • No, but you can upgrade to paid Club membership easily. Click HERE to upgrade.
  7. Will there be an extra cost per workout watched?
    • No. Unlimited access will be included in Club membership at no extra cost.
  8. Will the workouts be closed-captioned?
    • No, not at this time.
  9. What languages will workouts be available in?
    • All videos will be in English at this time.
  10. Will the videos be available to stream in HD?
    • Yes, as long as the computer/device supports HD.
  11. Will there be a Club and Shakeology Challenge Pack?
    • Yes. A Shakeology + Club Challenge Pack is planned, to be released near On Demand launch.
  12. Must the nutrition & program guides be purchased separately?
    • No.  The guides will be available to view & download for each program on the
      Beachbody On Demand web page.
  13. Is Body Beast part of the On Demand catalog?
    • No. We apologize, that was an error that was posted on Facebook. Beast will be added to the catalog soon.
Technical Questions
  1. Will an IOS or Android App be available?
    • No. Workouts will play on mobile devices via a browser.
  2. Will the workouts be available on ITunes, Amazon Prime etc.?
    • No. They will only be available to Club members on
  3. Will the workouts be available to download and watch offline?
    • No. An internet connection will be required to stream workouts.
  4. Will Flash Player be required to play a workout?
    • The latest version of Flash is required for all desktop browsers and some mobile devices.
  5.  Will Silverlight be required to play a workout?
    • No. Silverlight will not be required to play a workout