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I had a conference call with Autumn Calabrese today (creator of the new program coming out 21 Day Fix) and I have to share a few things with you all!
1. She had several overweight people in her test group. One guy, Deon, is 28 years old and went into the program weighing almost 400 lbs! He was at a place where he was either going to do 21 Day Fix or get gastric bypass surgery (which is a life or death surgery). As a nurse, I get very emotional about this because I have taken care of those patients weighing that much, needing that life and death surgery, and it is VERY serious, and it literally is life or death. Well, Deon lost 21 lbs in the first 21 days and he did 10 rounds of 21 Day Fix and lost 111 lbs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MIND BLOWING!!!!!! Like I said, I’m blown away. If only half the patients I have worked with new there was this option (much cheaper, totally doable, and all the support they need to get through it!)
2. Then there was Mary- 71 years old. She only walked prior to the program and could barely lift 2 lbs weights. She lost 65 lbs, looks 20 years younger, and can hold a 20 minute plank!!!!! I can’t even do that!
3. For those of us who have a Diastasis or are recovering from one, it was encouraging to hear this story: Keith lost 111 lbs in 11 rounds. He started with bad knees and had to do A LOT of modification (there is a modifier through the whole program). Now that he has lost the weight he has the strength and the form and is able to play basketball, and do squats and lunges! I AM SO MOTIVATED!
4. For those of us who don’t have 100 + lbs to lose and have been into fitness for a while now, Autumn says it will still push you to work ┬áhard and get results.
5. The story behind the nutrition plan: Autumn had a friend who was one of her clients and they went out to eat one time at a healthy restaurant. They both ordered the same salad (which was huge). She noticed that she only ate 1/3 of the salad and was full while her friend ate the full salad (thinking it was healthy). It occurred to her while so many of her clients who were working out were not seeing results. Even if it is healthy food you can still overeat your calories! So Autumn came up with portion containers for this program. If it fits in the container you can eat it.
6. This program is simple and basic (although still tough and will push you). The meal plan is simple, the programs are only 30 minutes. You will do a different program for every day of the week.

SERIOUSLY MOTIVATED to start this program soon! Comes out NEXT WEEK!

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