Diastasis Recti, Day 1 of Mutu System

I recently finished T25 and really like the program. Prior to that I had taken 4 months off of any exercise due to a diagnosed Diastasis Recti. During those 4 months I really focused on my nutrition and did the Tupler technique to close my DR. I was so glad when it finally closed and I was able to start exercising again. T25 was perfect because Tonya modified through the whole program. But I found that although my DR was closed, I still had a somewhat weak core and the modifications weren’t going to cut it when it came to the ab workouts. After all the hard work of closing that gap, I definitely didn’t want to reopen it!

So after much research I decided to try out theĀ Mutu System.

So Day 1: I did Mutu Core Phase 1. It was 15 minutes long. Great exercise right before going to bed! The stretches were amazing. Really focused on healing and alignment. She has you use a rolled up towel when you squat so the angle is a little different (I am guessing it is better for your alignment). Not a fat blasting workout- but it felt really good for my body. Like it needs that alignment! Especially since I carry my toddler around all day. I am also really impressed with the food guide that comes with the program.

I also have set goals for myself for 2014.

1. Listen to the Bible online (with a toddler I have found it hard to be able to sit down and read every day).

2. Drink 8 cups of water a day (last year I committed to not buy any more orange juice and that helped my water intake. This year I am adding kool-aid and lemonade to the mix)

3. Develop a strong core (I am confident I will accomplish that with Mutu) and after that I will be able to move on to more intense workouts.

4. Sleep More!

5. Make family time a priority.

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