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Do What You Love

I’m not a fan of selling or salespeople. I do love working with people. That’s why I became a nurse. I love the hands on aspect and the communication and support involved in nursing. I love the critical thinking. There is a huge need for more nurses too. But let me tell you, there is a NEED for Beachbody Coaches! We have a crisis of obesity in this country. As a nurse, I have seen too often the results of living an unhealthy life. It’s not just about selling the Beachbody Products- we need people on our team who want to help others get fit and healthy FOR LIFE! Beachbody Works! You can turn your love of health and fitness into a business. Being a coach is actually more motivating to turn your own life around and make those healthy choices you know you need to make.

So what does it mean to be a Team Beachbody Coach?

It means earning an income while you help yourself and others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. It’s being passionate about helping to end the trend of obesity.  All by doing what you love- staying fit and healthy, while inspiring others to do the same.

Whether you’re already a “product of the product”- someone who’s found success through one of Beachbody’s world class fitness solutions or products, or whether you were inspired by watching a friend or family member transform their lives the same way, becoming a Coach will reward you in ways you never thought possible- physically, personally, and financially.

Benefits of being a Beachbody Coach

You have all the tools you need to be successful with your own health and fitness journey as well as the tools to help others.

You can earn world-class trips to exotic destinations—or work out with your favorite celebrity trainers. Maybe even be recognized on stage, in front of thousands of your peers at our most exciting and important Coach event of the year—Summit.

Here is a picture of me with Shaun T after a live workout!


Think back to when you first made the decision to get fitter, stronger, and healthier with a Beachbody program. Now imagine the rewards your ambition and commitment can bring you as a Team Beachbody Coach.

You CAN do the things in life you were always meant to do. Just by doing what you love. That’s what the Team Beachbody Coaching opportunity is all about.

What a Beachbody Coach is NOT

A Beachbody Coach is not a fitness expert, not a nutritional expert, does not have to be a medical expert and does not have to be fit from Day 1. A Beachbody Coach is not a certified personal trainer and is not certified in nutrition. This is a journey for all of us. You will be on your fitness journey with your team. They will be transforming with you so you do not need to worry about being in tip top shape when you sign up to be a coach. Trust me, the people you coach would rather be coached by someone more “real” than someone who looks like a model with a six pack.


Earn Money Helping Others

As a Team Beachbody Coach, you can begin earning money right away. The products you’ll be offering are proven successes—backed by multimillion dollar ad campaigns—they’re brands people already want to buy. You’ll earn up to $105 for every Beachbody Challenge Pack that someone orders from your website and a 25% commission on all of your other retail sales. You also get a 25% discount on any Beachbody product you order. I use the discount a lot! I love being stuff from Beachbody. And if you choose to build a network of Coaches below you, you can earn even more. There are other ways to earn money such as team bonuses. This is not a scam or a get rich quick business. It is a great way to earn money on the side while getting yourself into shape and helping others- and if you put the work into it, this can be a full time business.

Lots of Coaches earn enough cash to stretch their monthly budgets. Some earn enough to quit their day jobs. A few top Coaches even earn more than a million dollars a year. Check out the Coach Success Stories.

If you really want to get into the numbers and learn all the different ways to earn money as a Team Beachbody Coach, contact me to see the Coach Policies and Procedures and Compensation Plan. (Warning—it’s kind of boring, but if you insist, go ahead and read it.)


What if I don’t want to “Coach”?

If you do not want to actually “coach” you can become a coach and just get the 25%  discount  on Beachbody products and do nothing. The $15.95 monthly fee +25% off Shakeology every month for example is already savings. Active Military and spouses can get the #39.95 fee waived and the monthly business service fees waived. Check out the savings for Military here.

This sounds great…how much?

I love this question because you will be amazed at how little it costs to be a coach. It is only $15.95 a month and that is for your six websites that Beachbody provides. You have a personalized Shakeology, Ultimate Reset and general Shop website in both English and Spanish. The startup fee is either free or $39.95. That’s it. No commitment, no extra fees and you can even cancel prior to the first 30 days and get your money back. There is no inventory involved either. If you want that startup fee waived you can do so by ordering a Challenge Pack during your sign up process. Challenge Packs are amazing and highly suggested. They save you money and are very popular and come with my favorite product, Shakeology!

How do I get trained?

You will get amazing training from many sources. Beachbody has an online training academy available at any time to all of its coaches. This is a constantly updated and changing academy so it will always be updated with the latest and greatest. Also, you will have access to your own Online Office where there are many resources that will give you answers to all the questions you may have.

Our team of coaches that you join has an exclusive Facebook group that you will become a part of so whenever you have a question you can ask the team and we always post information in the group so you have the latest information. Our team has continuous training available to help you be more confident and successful.

We are part of a much bigger team of founding Beachbody coaches and you will be put in that group too where you will have access to hundreds of coaches that have been doing this for many years full time who know all about the business and are always there to help. Beachbody has weekly calls, our team has weekly calls, there are quarterly meetings in your local area, an annual Coach Summit and more events than you could possibly think of to get your business going and running strong.

I don’t think I have time!

When you start this home based business, you are own own boss. You work your own hours and you put in how ever much amount of time you want. If you want to make it a full time job then you can but if you only want to do it part time for 30 minutes a day then you can do that too. The more time you give it the more you will get out of it, but also understand that people who work this business part time like me can be very successful too. We will teach you how to do this. So whether you have 1 hour a day or 8 hours a day for this business you can do it.

Watch this video: Introducing the Team Beachbody Challenge and you can fill out our application on this page to see if this is right for you.

 If you have more questions please contact me. I don’t mind answering questions!