Meal Planning

I hope you will take some time to really think about your nutrition and how you have to set yourself up for success through menu planning and prepping food in advance.

All of your Beachbody Programs come with a meal guide that you should follow. For best results, remember this:

30% workout, 70% nutrition

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NOTHING can change your body like eating a healthy and balanced diet.  If you are not including a change in your diet with your program, you just simply won’t see the results on the scale you are looking for.


I recommend the Team Beachbody Meal Planner that is available to Team Beachbody Club Members.  If you’re not a club member yet, you can still sign up. Find out more about the Club Membership benefits here.

The Team Beachbody Meal Planner is absolutely incredible.  Not only do you get your meals laid out for you each week, but you also can print out a grocery list so that you have everything ready to go when you shop for the week.  Planning your meals will help you stick to your recommended calorie intake and really feel good.

The following is an example of what you will see if you get the Meal Plan:

Screenshot 2014-02-22 21.58.06

Screenshot 2014-02-22 21.59.12

The Team Beachbody Meal Plan Wizard will help you decide your daily calories needed. You will also be able to personalize it.

Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.02.14


Here is an example of the Meal Plan Wizard:


Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.00.25


And it will ask you more questions:


Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.00.40


Once you have submitted your answers, it will formulate a weekly meal plan.


Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.04.17


Let’s say you don’t like the options that are given- like I’m not a big fan of turkey sandwiches (don’t judge!). You are given the option here to highlight that one meal, and you can either choose to favorite it by clicking on the heart icon to the right, or you can change it for a different meal. If you click on the icon next to the heart, it will give you other options which will still be within your meal plan.

For those of you who like to keep track of the exact calories or nutrition, it will also tell you the nutrition facts for each meal.

Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.06.53

Another thing you can do is click on the meal for the recipe. When you are done looking at your meal plan for the week/month, you have the option of printing out your meal plan. It will show you something like the following picture. Note- you have the option of including the nutrition facts (I included it here), but it can be as simple as the recipe and ingredients needed for every meal. EASY PEASY- all laid out for you and organized. You can take it when you go grocery shopping and use it when meal planning.

Screenshot 2014-02-22 22.14.16


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