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Strawberry Shakeology


Strawberry Supplement Facts
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Q: What’s the difference between Tropical Strawberry Shakeology and Strawberry Shakeology?
A: Tropical Strawberry Shakeology is vegan (made with rice and pea protein) and a blend of several fruit flavors (that’s why it’s called Tropical).Our new Strawberry Shakeology is whey protein based (non Vegan)and it tastes just like pure strawberries (no other fruit flavors), giving it a different flavor profile and a smoother texture.

Q: Is there a Vegan variety of the Triple combo box?
A: While we sell Chocolate Vegan and Tropical Strawberry Vegan, theyare not included in the triple combo box (there is a separate Vegan family combo box with these two flavors). The Triple Combo box includes the non-Vegan Chocolate formula, the non-VeganStrawberry and our Vanilla (which is also non-Vegan).

Q: Why are there slight variations in vitamin and mineral levels for Chocolate vs. Vanilla vs. Strawberry?
A: With either Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry you are getting almost all the same levels of superfoods, vitamins and minerals. While slight differences occur (listed below),all formulas provide your daily dose of dense nutrition!

There is a higher amount of iron in Chocolate Shakeology is due to the cocoa content in the chocolate formula (there is no cocoa in the non-Chocolate flavors).

In Shakeology we use beta-carotene (provitamin A) which gives many fruits and vegetables (such as carrots, pumpkins & cantaloupe) their orange-red color. Since beta-carotene has a natural variability in color intensity and shade we lowered the level in Vanilla Shakeology to ensure that we do not have color variability issues. We are working to raise the level and are testing our sources to quantify the natural variation in color to ensure that we deliver a consistent product.

Q: Why do Vanilla and Strawberry have only 130 calories and Chocolate has 160?
A: This is due to the slight ingredient variations between the different formulas. For example, the Chocolate formulas contain Cacao, while Vanilla and Strawberry do not. Cacao has more calories than the ingredients in Vanilla and Strawberry, so the Chocolate formula is slightly more caloric than the Vanilla and Strawberry.

Q: Why do Vanilla and Strawberry have 5 mg of cholesterol and Chocolate has 0 mg?
A: Whey protein isolate (WPI) naturally has a very small amount of cholesterol; therefore all WPI containing Shakeology products have a small amount. We base our label declaration on the tested amount and the FDA labeling rules require us to round up or down to the nearest 5mg level. The tested amount will vary slightly based on variability in the test as well as lot to lot variability in WPI. In addition, the FDA Daily Value (DV) for cholesterol is 300mg per day, thus 5mg represents less than 2% of the of cholesterol for a healthy diet so the actual amount in Shakeology is a negligible contribution to the diet.

Q: Why does Vanilla Shakeology contain 200 mg of Sodium as compared to the 150 in Chocolate and 120 in Strawberry?
A: Sodium variances in Shakeology are driven by the flavor variations. For example, we added a slight amount of sodium to VanillaShakeology to improve the flavor carry through of the Vanilla flavor.

Q: Why does Chocolate Shakeology contain 6 mg of Iron as compared to the 2 mg in Vanilla and 1.2 mg in Strawberry?
A: The higher amount of iron in Chocolate Shakeology is due to the cocoa content in the chocolate formula (there is no cocoa in Vanilla or Strawberry).

Q: The Strawberry and Vanilla Shakeology packets contain only 35 grams as compared to the Chocolate at 42 grams. Why?
A: While the majority of ingredients and superfoods are common across all Shakeology formulations, the serving size differs because there are slight ingredient differences. For this instance, the Chocolate flavors contain Cacao, while Vanilla and Strawberrydodo not. That means you are still getting 30 servings of Shakeology but each serving is actually bulkier (or fluffier)–requiring a slightly larger packet. Rest assured that all formulations (no matter what the packet, scoop or bag size is) deliver your daily dose of dense nutrition!

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