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 How does the Ultimate Reset work?

The Ultimate Reset is a 21-day program, but it’s helpful to think of it in three distinct phases, each 1 week long:

  • Phase One: RECLAIM your body, accessing its inner chemistry and preparing for change.
  • Phase Two: RELEASE the toxic compounds that are stored within your tissues.
  • Phase Three: RESTORE your metabolism to maximum efficiency.

After just 21 days, you should feel dramatically better physically, mentally,and emotionally. Will it be challenging? Sometimes. But just as Beachbody’s workouts aren’t the easiest fitness programs you can do, the Ultimate Reset may also require some extra effort. In return, it can deliver extraordinary results. And keep in mind that no matter how challenging you may find it, you’ll have me as your Coach and the entire Team Beachbody community in your corner to help you through.

Once you complete your 21-day program, you’ll have a “transitioning back”period, during which you’ll be guided back into life after the Ultimate Reset. You’ll get advice on food and exercise, along with helpful tips on how to maintain—and continue to build on—the great work you’ve accomplished.


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Reset Your Body!

Alkalinize from Ultimate Reset

Detox from Ultimate Reset

Mineralize from the Ultiamte Reset

Optimize from Ultimate Reset

The Beachbody Ultimate Reset gave me my life back in 21 days!

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