Shakeology, Pregnancy, and Breastfeeding

 Can I drink Shakeology when I am pregnant?

If you are reading this and pregnant CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! I recently found out I am pregnant as well and one of the first things I needed to do was look and see if I can still drink Shakeology. As mothers we want the best for our babies and want to make the best choice possible for our situation. I’m so glad you are looking into the safety of Shakeology while pregnant. While you are looking for the best option, also remember all the other food that is going into your body as well as other exposure to chemicals around you. We live in a toxic world and we can’t hide from it all, but we can do our best to make some healthy choices for our bodies and our baby.

It is safe to drink Shakeology during pregnancy?

The answer is going to be different for everyone because we are all unique individuals. Always check with your doctor as they know your health history and will be able to point out any incompatibilities (such as contraindication with a medication you may be on). I always think of things like this because I am an RN. You will want to print out the list of ingredients here and take it to your doctor.

I am going to highlight why some doctors say yes, some say no, Beachbody’s official response, and my reason for saying yes to Shakeology during my pregnancy. I am also including additional information concerning ingredients in Shakeology and where they come from.

I hope this information can help you make the best decision for you and your baby.

Some say Yes

A lot of women are told that they can drink Shakeology while pregnant and to simply replace the prenatal vitamins and to take folic acid.

Some say No

There are some doctors who tell their patients not to drink Shakeology while pregnant. Here’s why:

  1. Vitamin A–  Shakeology has a high content of Vitamin A. High amounts of Vitamin A in the form of retinol (which is the preferred Vitamin A in the form of animal sources) are correlated to birth defects. (Note: vitamin A in Shakeology is in the form of beta-carotene- there is no correlation of birth defects with beta-carotene. See more on this here.)Screenshot 2014-05-06 23.56.51The NIH website covers preformed Vitamin A vs beta carotene Vitamin A concerning birth defects here.

    Screenshot 2014-05-08 12.32.13

  2. Ashwaganda– an herb which may cause premature birth if consumed in large amounts. See a thorough discussion with links to both sides of the issues in this forum. This was used traditionally in India to strengthen the uterus before and during pregnancy in women, however it’s spasmolytic activity has led western medicine to restrict it’s use in pregnancy. Traditional herbalists who have used this for years with no side effects say that it actually helps prevent a miscarriage. See more info hereScreenshot 2014-05-08 20.00.27
  3. Ginko– there are two concerns: a) it can possibly induce labor b) it has anti-platelet effects and if taken around delivery time could prolong bleeding time. There is very weak scientific evidence for this. Shakeology does contain less than 50 mg of Ginko Biloa in each serving of Shakeology. (Shakeology FAQ). The following image is from the website here.Screenshot 2014-05-08 12.58.10

4. Shakeology is not FDA approved. Many doctors are not comfortable approving a supplement not approved by the      FDA. Screenshot 2014-05-07 00.01.06


Official Answer From Beachbody :

Shakeology FAQ


Screenshot 2014-05-06 23.45.18


 Here are some additional answers about Shakeology.

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My Decision

I have chosen to drink Shakeology (currently 7 weeks pregnant and nursing my 2 year old). As I was researching I did get nervous about some of the information, but the more I researched, the more I became confident that this is good for me. I try to take the same perspective on areas in my life that could affect my baby.

For example, I am aiming to eat organic whenever possible. This is more expensive and not as convenient but it is what is best for me, my baby, my nursling, and my family. The dirty dozen and clean fifteen list is a great resource that will help you choose what to buy organic if you can’t afford to eat mostly organic.

I also am trying to reduce chemicals in my life. I have been cleaning with vinegar and water since my first pregnancy, but I am also looking into other things like replacing my plastic tupperware with glass containers. That is just one example. It can be overwhelming to do all of this at once and you may not be in a position where you can do this. That’s ok! Just do what you can and make healthy choices whenever possible.

If you have additional questions about the safety of Shakeology during pregnancy, a good person to ask is a midwife as they are more likely to have more knowledge about herbs and nutrition than a physician.


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