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Accountability Group:

If you haven’t done so already, you must join our exclusive Facebook groups that are filled with people like you who want to change their lives with weight loss through exercise and nutrition. The accountability groups do not require a Beachbody program. It only requires that you have a willing attitude and desire to make healthy choices.

You can get questions answered and meet new friends too!

Every day show up and post what workout you did.   See what other people are posting. Fill out the form below to request to join one of these groups below.

6:19 Health and Fitness Support Group

Diastasis Recti and Team Beachbody Support Group

Challenge Groups:

If you are ready to take the official Beachbody Challenge and would like to join a group that is doing your specific Beachbody Program, we have several options for you. You will first have needed to create your free team beachbody account with me as your coach in order to join (even if you bought your program elsewhere). Once you have created your account, contact me to get into your specific group.



Current Challenge Groups:

21 Day Fix (ongoing): 


I’ll just be honest and tell it like it is: my biggest problem health-wise is nutrition. I can do workouts all day long, but I just can’t get a solid foothold on how in the world I’m supposed to eat. There are a million different fad diets and, I assure you, I’ve tried and looked into a lot of them. Paleo? Yep. Go vegan? Yep. Eat in moderation? Yep

Here’s the bottom line – I need something that I can actually stick with AND that my family will actually do as well.

In this regard, I really would love your support in joining me to test out the new 21 Day Fix program.

What is it? Check out a short video of it here.

What does it include? Complete portion control nutritional system and a simple to follow 30 day workout plan. My main goal with the 21 Day Fix is to fix the eating piece of puzzle.

That is the part that HAS TO CHANGE. I would love for you to join me.