Les Mills Pump




Why is LES MILLS PUMP so effective?

  • It’s all about the REP EFFECT. Unlike traditional strength workouts, which feature heavy weights that bulk people up, this program features light to moderate weights used at a higher rate of repetition.
  • The constantly changing tempo, body position, and speed of the REP EFFECT breaks down more fat reserves, targets more muscle fibers, and burns more calories than traditional weight training.

What are the workouts like?

  • Muscles reach fatigue by performing 70-100 repetitions per body part. That’s about 4 times more reps than one would typically perform in a standard gym workout.



Les Mills Pump FAQ


A. LES MILLS PUMP is the at-home version of BODYPUMP the incredibly popular series of gym classes created by Les Mills International and taught in 80 countries around the world. This barbell-based rapid weight loss and accelerated strength-training program reshapes your entire body by featuring the use of light-to-moderate weights at higher repetitions.

Beachbody and Les Mills International teamed up specifically to bring you the best trainers, the best chart-topping music, and the best body-changing PUMP moves, so you can achieve the same results at home that millions of people get in gyms every day.
Done 3 times a week, LES MILLS PUMP can help anyone burn fat and calories, and develop a lean, strong, toned body, without ever bulking up.

Q. Who are the Les Mills International pro trainers?

A. Beachbody and Les Mills chose the most proficient, empowering BODYPUMP instructors from around the world to lead the LES MILLS PUMP workouts. These special trainers spent hundreds of hours educating themselves on the mechanics of the body and have taught the BODYPUMP® technique to thousands of people. Their incredible motivational skills will push you to take your body beyond what you think it can handle—to its most effective, body-shaping limits!

Q. Why is LES MILLS PUMP so effective?

A. It’s all about THE REP EFFECT™. Unlike traditional strength workouts, which feature heavy weights that bulk you up, LES MILLS PUMP features light-to-moderate weights used at a higher rate of repetition. And by changing the tempo, position, and speed of your movements, THE REP EFFECT™ pushes your muscles to their most effective levels of fatigue. It also boosts your heart rate so you burn more calories. The result? You get lean and strong instead of big and bulky.

Q. What are the workouts like?

A. In a typical LES MILLS PUMP workout, your muscles reach fatigue by performing 70- 100 repetitions per body part. That’s about 4 times more reps than you’d perform in a standard gym workout. Training with THE REP EFFECT helps you break down more fat reserves, target more muscle fibers, and burn more calories than traditional weight training. And that means meaningful fat loss and strength improvement for you, without building mass.

Q. Do I really have to work out only 3 times a week? If I want, can I work out on other days too?

A. We encourage you to engage in non-resistance training workouts (such as cardio or cross-training) on other days, but with LES MILLS PUMP alone, you can get world-class results by working out just 3 times a week. Phase One challenges your body to start
shedding serious pounds through shorter workouts that boost metabolism and stimulate weight loss. Phase Two changes your body shape by sculpting the muscles that “lean out” your look. Phase Three strengthens your body to give you a ripped, chiseled physique without ever bulking up.

Q. What’s included in the LES MILLS PUMP kit?

A. Les Mills Base Kit

    • 7 workouts on 7 DVDs (ranging from 20-55 minutes per day)
    • Padded barbell with safety clips
    • Two 5-lb. weight plates
    • Two 10-lb. weight plates
    • Tape measure and measurement tracker
    • Get Lean Nutrition Guide
    • Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide

Les Mills Deluxe Kit
The Ultimate Cross-Training Deluxe Kit is the perfect complement to the LES MILLS PUMP workout system and includes everything in the Base Kit, plus:

    • 3 additional workouts on 3 DVDs
    • Step platform plus 4 risers
    • Two additional 5-lb. weight plates

Q. What additional equipment do I need?

A. None. All of the equipment you need is included in your purchase of LES MILLS PUMP.

Q. What additional equipment would be of value to buy, in addition to my LES MILLS PUMP workout?

A. You’ll have the opportunity to buy a step with 2 risers, as well as 2 sets of weight plates: 2.5 lbs., 5 lbs., 10 lbs., or 25 lbs.

Q. Do I need the step platform to do the LES MILLS PUMP workout?

A. No. You can still get a calorie-crushing workout by doing LES MILLS PUMP on the floor. Please keep in mind, however, that the step:

  • Adds to your intensity level by increasing your heart rate
  • Serves as a weight bench to maximize your range of motion
  • Is used to emphasize lower body exercises, giving you stronger legs and a tighter butt
  • Is used in the step workout assigned to the Deluxe Kit

You can always choose to buy the step at a later date as your fitness level increases and you are in need of a greater challenge. If you’ve purchased the Deluxe Kit, you’ll receive the step as part of your upgraded package.

Q. I have a barbell set at home. Can I purchase only the DVDs?

A. No, not at this time.

Q. Is there a Team Beachbody exclusive offer for LES MILLS PUMP?

A. Yes. A FREE Les Mills Core DVD workout is included in every order placed through my site. This exclusive workout is derived from some of the latest Les Mills International programs hitting gyms now, such as CXWORX.

Q. Why is LES MILLS PUMP not available outside of the continental US?

A. We will be adding outside territories soon.

Q. Will all of the elements in my LES MILLS PUMP kit arrive in 1 shipment?

A. If you ordered only the Base Kit, you’ll receive everything in 1 package within 3-5 days. If you also ordered the Ultimate Cross-Training Deluxe Kit, that package may arrive separately in 2 additional packages. But you will still receive everything within 3-5
days of your order date.


As your coach, I will be working with you one on one. You will be getting weekly emails with videos and tips specific to this workout, as well as invited to be part of a challenge group on facebook. Contact me before getting this program to ensure you have the best current deal possible for you.